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a white couple poses in front of rock formations at Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods.

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We used to have a contact form here, but we got so much spam from it. You wouldn’t believe the ridiculous “offers” and phishing that came to our inbox! ?

That said, we love to hear from genuine individuals who are interested in what we’re doing, share our passion for travel and all the things that go along with it, and who want to talk shop, ask questions, offer suggestions and recommendations, or even meet up for a coffee somewhere along our route! So please don’t hesitate to find us on Instagram and message us there – it’s the best way to reach us in a timely manner and help us avoid the silly messages we get when we have a contact form on this site.

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If we love what you’re doing, chances are great our readers, viewers, and email subscribers will, too. Reach out if you think your product or service is a good fit for our travels and adventures. From reviews to sponsored content, articles to photos to videos (Thinking drone? We’re FAA Part 107 certified!), we can work with you to create content that will get you seen by thousands of travel enthusiasts in our community

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EPK available on request.

✉️ andie (at) stephenandandie (dot) com

CURRENTLY: Somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin, USA ??