We’re road tripping our way to ALL 50 STATES (+ DC and Puerto Rico)!

We fell in love with travel before we can even remember. We’ve been lucky enough to live overseas, study internationally, and travel to 6 continents (so far) on vacations. But in the 2020s, we fell in love with road trips right here in the U.S. We started in our car, but after a couple of years we realized we wanted to make it a full time thing, so in 2022 we bought a Sprinter, in 2023 we built her out into our dream tiny home on wheels, and now in 2024 we’re on the way to completing our mission to see all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and even Canada! 

Follow along via our interactive map to see which states we’ve visited, which vlogs feature each one, and where we have left to go.




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 “Travel Matters” is the tagline on our travel vlogs and title of our blog, because  it couldn’t be more true. Traveling gives depth and meaning to our lives, through the experiences and connections we create as we go. It MATTERS. But we also learn about the world through travel: what concerns and inspirations, dreams and fears we all share, and most importantly, how local communities are affected by travelers visiting them. These are the travel matters that we hope to learn more about and share as we do.  And now we have these platforms via YouTube and our blog to share with even more people and build a community of fellow travel lovers!

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