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14 Awesome Gift Ideas For Artists And Creators

Searching for some gift ideas for the artists and creators in your life? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s face it, the world would probably be a pretty boring place without creative and artistic people, right? This past year could have proven to be one of two things for the creators in our lives: an opportunity for new and exciting ideas and creations, or an extended period of creative block. Either way, your favorite creator would probably love a gift to stoke their fire. We’ve pulled together a variety of gift ideas for a variety of creative types. Check them out!

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14 Gift Ideas For Artists And Creators

1. Passion Planner

We highly recommend these for anyone and everyone, but they’re especially awesome, helpful, and fun for a creative soul. Keep em organized, on track, and inspired! A variety of colors of planners are available in daily, weekly, and monthly formats and they’ve got some fun accessories, too –  like sticker packs, monthly tabs, and passion markers!

2. Peel and Stick Chalk Board Wall

chalkboard wall tiles. gift ideas for artists and creators.

It helps to have a visual of your ideas, no matter how organized or scattered they might be. These are self-adhesive 9×12” sheets. 

3. Waterproof Shower Notebook

Aqua Notes are the perfect gift idea for your creative friends who come up with ideas at the worst times.

Don’t the best ideas seem to come at times that are the least convenient for jotting them down or spitting out a quick voice memo into your phone? 

4. Books To Inspire

four book covers for creators. gift ideas for artists and creators.

These would be a great start:

Want to really ignite their inspiration? Get them a subscription to Audible so they can listen to all of their books while they’re on the go!

5. Boogie Board 

Boogie Board paperless notepads. gift ideas for artists and creators

No, not for riding waves. These are reusable, self-erasing writing devices! Bye bye  paper waste! Great for doodling, writing, drawing or just scribbling out a quick list. There are several varieties available.

6. Ibis Paint App 

Ibis Paint app is a fun way for artists to share recordings of their sketches as they are created. gift ideas for artists and creators.

This is so cool: an artist friend of ours in Japan uses this app and posts the “playbacks” of her drawings on Insta! The software records your drawing as you sketch, and in the end you’ve got a time-lapse of your work to replay.

7. Skillshare Subscription

If you haven’t heard of Skillshare yet, it’s been all the rage as of late. One can learn literally thousands of different skills here. Maybe there’s a certain aspect of an existing skill that needs sharpening, or the creative one is curious for a new skill all together. Yearly subscriptions are $99 and monthly is available as well. The possibilities here can be limitless!

8. Vision Board

How about a DIY “vision board” starter kit to map out their dreams?

a woman sits on the floor with scrapbooking supplies. gift ideas for artists and creators.
Photo by Olya P on Unsplash

And some awesome accoutrements to help them make it even more fun: 

9. Fujifilm Instant Camera

Fujifilm instant camera. gift ideas for artists and creators

Go old school with an instant camera. Fujifilm makes a full range of instant cameras and films, and we especially love the vintage point-and-shoot styling of this one. Anyone would be stoked with this gift!

10. Airbnb Experience

a screen shot from airbnb's website, advertising their experiences. great gift ideas for artists and creators

We’ve said it before and we’ll always say it again. We love-love-love the idea of gifting an experience vs. a material object. And no object inspires creativity like an experience will. Feel free to use our link to get a sweet discount!

11.  Cards Against Humanity 

Cards Against Humanity is a great gift idea for people who love to host parties and get togethers!

Fun, creative, and frequently lewd & rude, this cards game is a blast. And not just for parties – it’s also a great way to shake the cobwebs out when your creator needs a break.

12. Sensory Deprivation Floating Pods

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A post shared by Pause Studio (@_pause.studio_)

This one might seem a bit out there, but we know people who swear by it! Here is an example  in L.A., but check your local area to see what might be available.

13. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription 

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A post shared by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.® (@groundsandhounds)

Dogs and coffee – sums us right up! Every creative needs a boost, and most are fiends for caffeine. “Every cup helps a pup,” and who doesn’t love that (along with a good cup of coffee)??? Drink up, and help support pups in need!

14. Assemble Your Own “Creator Survival Kit”

Show that you’re really thinking of them and put together a custom gift set. Here are some ideas to get you started:

colored pens and an open notebook with blank pages. gift ideas for artists and creators.
photo by Jessica Lewis; available on

And there you have it – some cool gift ideas for the artists and creators in your life! Hopefully you’ve found something here that you might not have thought of, and if there’s anything you think WE should know about, please drop it in the comments below, as we’re always looking to hear your ideas, too!

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8 thoughts on “14 Awesome Gift Ideas For Artists And Creators”

  1. I’m in and out of the shower so quick I never think of anything but washing and getting out – usually in a ruah to get somewhere afterwards ….. so a notebook in the shower would never get used by me …. however I get what you mean by when those ideas come to mind and you can’t record it for later use.
    The sensory deprivation pod on the other hand grabs my attention, I’d love to try one to help me de-stress. I’ll have to look them up in my area.

  2. A great selection of gifts here: a wide variety and some choices I wasn’t aware of. Love the waterproof notepad (I like having a bath, definitely a time for contemplation) and the boogie board is cool. And who wouldn’t love that old school camera? Giving the gift of learning would also be a lovely thing to do.

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