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20 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Wanderlust

Of all of the apps and resources we have at our fingertips, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to inspire our wanderlust. As we make our upcoming travel plans, these travel Instagram accounts are often step one in achieving those real-life bucket list experiences!

Here we share the travel Instagram accounts that keep us dusting off our passports. In no particular order:

1. @hiphavana

“Ooh-na-na!” We love the time capsule vibe and lust-for-life attitude of Cuba. In fact, we plan on visiting there in 2022. 

2. @danegerandstacey

These vloggers from New Zealand take beautiful photography, and we’re avid followers of their YouTube videos, too.

3. @visitscotland

If, like us, you didn’t quite realize the extent of how spectacularly beautiful Scotland is – prepare to have your mind blown on the daily with this one. Also, how can you not fall in love with their shaggy cows?

4. @louiscole

Louis is a plant based travel vlogger “hoping to inspire social change.”

5. @visiting.lisbon 

We keep a close eye on Lisbon, Porto, and Portugal in general, as we quite like the idea of “settling down” there someday.

6. @Japan

A beautiful mix of lifestyle, architecture, landscape, and culture. Full disclosure, it’s also one of Stephen’s favorite countries.

7. @KelleeSetGo

Kellee Edwards is a licensed pilot, scuba diver, travel journalist, and TV host. In fact, she is the first black woman to host a show on the Travel Channel! It seems there’s not much Kellee can’t do, and her feed reflects that!

8. @its_so_london

Oh, how we love London! Filled with old world charm mashed together with modern day vibrance and technology, it is truly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

9. @calsnape

Callum Snape (we’re refraining from a lame Harry Potter reference here. Barely. ? ) hails from Vancouver and has absolutely stunning landscape photography. 

10. @finland

Stunning. Breathtaking. Words don’t do it justice. And seeing the Northern Lights in Lapland – in a glass igloo, no less! – is at the tippety-top of our bucket list.

11. @travelbelize

Belize is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Central America. Located between Guatemala and Mexico, its immaculate beaches, tropical rain forests and ancient Mayan cities are among its many natural attractions.

12. @travelalaska

Cruises are not our favorite form of travel. In fact, they’re close to the bottom of our list. But we’ll make one exception for Alaska. We really, really, want to see ALL the Alaskan wildlife!

13. @karl_shakur

We enjoy watching his videos about the craft of photography as much as we dig his travel photos, which are downright spectacular! 

14. @le_vigne_di_raito 

This women-owned, organic vineyard is in Vietri sul Mare, on the Amalfi Coast of Italy and is very close to our hearts. We spent a day celebrating our wedding anniversary here with a private tour and an amazing multi-course home cooked  meal. It was paired with some of the best wine we’ve ever had – all on the owner-family’s private outdoor patio, overlooking the sea. La vita e bella!

15.  @practicalwanderlust

They blog, teach, podcast and encourage you to “low-key stalk” them. We think you’ll be glad you did!

16. @ecuadortravel

If you haven’t considered Ecuador for your travels, you should definitely reconsider! It’s so awesome, we threw caution (and fear) to the wind and ziplined during a hike in a cloud forest. 

17. @polandsights

Poland frequently gets overlooked as far as destinations go, but trust us… do not sleep on Poland! It often ends up on full-time travelers’ top countries lists.

18. @heartmybackpack

Silvia Lawrence is a solo female traveler who settled in Norway after traveling the world. Her feed shows as broad a range as the places she’s visited.

19. @bavariatourism

Andie lived just outside of Munich for a few of her middle school years, and we’ve since traveled there together. And now Stephen’s obsessed with it too! In fact, we go back often, and it’s not just for the food. ?

20. @visitcalifornia

California is our home, so we gotta represent the West Coast! With its variety of ecosystems from deserts to beaches to mountains to forests, cities and small towns, it’s impossible NOT to find something to love here. 

BONUS: @stephenandandie

We’re just gonna leave a little plug for ourselves right here. We hope to inspire your travels with our own, but we also love to swap stories with fellow globe-trotters. Drop by & DM us, because we’re ALL about making genuine connections.

Tell us your faves!

Hopefully we’ve turned you on to some travel Instagram accounts you haven’t seen before. In fact, if we sent you down any new rabbit holes – sorry, not sorry! And if you’re into YouTube travel vloggers, we’ve got a post with a great list of must-see channels for you here! We think travel is a life worth experiencing, even if only vicariously through social media imagery. So tell us: what are your favorite Insta accounts? We’re always looking for inspiration and the best of it comes from friends’ recs, so please leave yours in the comments!

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