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Shoulder Season Is the Best Time To Travel

Shoulder Season Is The Best Time To Travel

If you want to avoid crowds, lines, and peak-season prices, here’s why, shoulder season is the best time to travel (and for that matter, what it is):

Shoulder season is the period between high and low season, when the weather is still great but the destination is less busy. In places like Positano, Santorini, and Mykonos for example, shoulder season is generally April through the middle of June, and September through October. A more general example would be, if summer is peak season and winter is off season, then spring and autumn are the shoulder seasons.

If you’re not trying to time your trip with a specific event, shoulder season is the best way to go. Obviously, if you want to see something time-specific, like cherry blossom season or Oktoberfest, then higher prices and more tourists come along with that. But if you have the flexibility and are not married to specific timelines, welcome to fewer tourists, better prices, and best of all – more authentic experiences like these!

Now that you know why shoulder season is the best time to travel, let’s put that knowledge to use and plan some trips with the help of these articles:


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