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The Best Travel Vloggers On YouTube In 2021: Travel Vicariously

With the possibility of traveling for leisure being so limited (to put it mildly) for the past year plus, I think we’ve all gone a bit “extra” on traveling vicariously. It can’t be just us that’s been following more travel-related accounts on Insta, or diving deeper than ever before into the rabbit hole of some of the best travel vloggers on YouTube. Similar to swapping stories with friends about places we’ve traveled to (back in the old days, where in-person travel ruled the world, lol!), we’ve also been getting into swapping recs for YouTube channels. Since you’re here, we consider you our friend, so here’s a list of what we think are…

The Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube in 2021:

Travel Beans

We love this couple’s story of how they first met as backpackers in Thailand on separate journeys. From there, their journey to becoming an engaged couple included Alex avoiding a near death experience, and Emma’s romantic treasure-hunt-surprise for Al going viral. We’ve loved watching the progress of their channel.

Watch This: Puglia Has Everything | Swimming In Ancient Ruins | South Italy

Foxes Afloat 

We stumbled onto British narrowboaters Colin and Shaun by chance while binge watching videos about London. This is not your typical “travel” channel. We knew nothing about the narrowboating lifestyle, nor were we looking to learn it. But we quickly connected with their personalities, their honesty, and their dog(s).

Watch This: Taming the Thames

The Endless Adventure 

Watching Kara and Nate (spoiler alert!) is what turned us on to this couple. Eric & Allison traded their steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of travel and adventure. We love how positive and enthusiastic they are and they’ve got a real passion for food and whiskey. We’re down with that, and we love their cinematography, too!

Watch This: We Stayed In An Eco Lodge On A Tea Plantation – Sri Lanka’s Coolest Airbnb

Newstate Nomads 

Howard & Katelyn are full-time RV-ers in the U.S. with fantastic vlogs and a few adorable dogs. You know us and dogs. Their channel has been crushing it, and they just announced a partnership with Winnebago to RV their way through Europe! #YouTuberGoals 

Watch this: Can We Adopt A Dog In Mexico? An EmotionalDog Adoption & Pet Rescue Story

Kritika Goel 

From Mumbai, India, Kritika does lifestyle and travel videos twice weekly, and we just love her authenticity. 

Watch This: What $25 Will Get You In NYC

Eva zu Beck 

As a solo traveler, Eva visits places you might not normally see being covered in typical travel videos. Raw adventures are her thing. She’s strong, confident and really goes for it. 

Watch This: I Spent 24 Hours On An Uninhabited Island

Fearless & Far 

The name of the channel nails what it’s all about. Mike is on a quest to challenge fear by seeking experiences in weird and wonderful destinations. Oh, and he’s also Eva zu Beck’s boyfriend.

Watch This: Freight Train Hopping In West Africa (Dangerous)


Mike himself loves this intro: “The behind-the-scenes YouTube channel that brings you along for adventures like bobsledding, cranberry harvesting, train travel and even getting some wild encounters with polar bears.” -Totally Tubeular Podcast. We’re not sure we can sum up what he does any better than that!

Watch This: My Wildest Experience Yet – Polar Bears in Canada

Daneger and Stacey 

Pronounced “Danger,” not “Dan-eh-ger.” They’re a couple of curious Kiwis and we love their accents (they’re “IPIC!”) almost as much as their videos. 

Watch This: This Is Why You Should Take A Fox Glacier Heli Hike | Reveal New Zealand

Kinging- It 

Craig and Aimee are a hilarious couple from South Wales who travel in their converted bus, Custard. Yes, they named their bus! They went viral for a short video in which Aimee gets clubbed in the head by a flying fish.

Watch This: Van Tour | She’s BEAUTIFUL – Custard The Bus FULL Renovation

Salt In Our Hair

Nick and Hannah are behind the award-winning blog by the same name as their channel. In addition to capturing gorgeous destinations, they also create tutorials on how to get those perfect Instagram photos of your travels! 

Watch This: Instagram Travel Photos: 10 Easy Tips You MUST Know!

Mark Wiens

This one’s for my foodies! Based in Bangkok, Mark and his wife travel well beyond just Thailand. Street food, travel vlogs, and plenty of Thai food is what you’ll find here.

Watch This: Eating 21 Spicy Thai Foods in One Day!

Hey Nadine 

Travel vlogs, hacks, tips, advice, and destination and packing guides. Amazing looking videos and a fun personality, it’s no wonder nearly 500,000 subscribers tune in.

Watch This: Rockies Road Trip With No Plans | Mount Robson In Our Westfalia

Backpacking Bananas

We freakin’ love the name of Christianne’s channel! She’s a Brit-backpacker, who recently moved to Mexico. Taking on the world solo with zero apprehensions – like moving to Mexico with hand luggage only. BANANAS!

Watch This: What I Packed When Moving To Mexico

Kombi Life 

Driving around the world in a vintage VW Kombi. Ok, they had Stephen at “vintage.” Seriously though, there’s way more to the channel than that. Alternative, off-grid living. Check it out! 

Watch This: Finding Our Top Speed: Autobahn Run

Little Grey Box 

Phoebe is a presenter and CNN & CNBC writer, and Matt is a videographer, photographer and creative. Their combined experience results in very high quality videos that make you feel like you’re watching a network tv broadcast. And we mean that in the most positive way!

Watch This: Queensland Travel Guide: 48 Hours On The Gold Coast

Joolz Guides 

“Pip-pip, tally-ho!” Joolz is what led to our Youtube addiction and ultimately deciding to start our own YouTube channel. His London walking tours give an extremely well-informed look at London – from a real Londoner, who’s as lovable and entertaining as they come.

Watch This: Strange British Customs – Yard Of Ale and Swearing On The Horns

Best Ever Food Review Show 

A U.S. expat living in Asia for the past 10 years, currently in Vietnam. Unique foods from all over the world, and dude. is. funny!

Watch This: Late Night Korean Food No One Talks About! (Penis Fish and Other Culinary Adventures)

Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos

Samuel and Audrey are a married couple who work in the travel industry. They create travel guides to inspire you to try local foods wherever you visit. Consider us convinced!

Watch This: HALIFAX FOOD GUIDE (Must-Try Food & Drink in NOVA SCOTIA) ? | Best CANADIAN FOOD in Atlantic Canada


Kara and Nate 

Maybe the most obvious channel, right? Kara’s so lovable, positive, and does a hell of a job editing their videos. Nate’s addiction to challenges makes us wonder if he’ll ever regain full use of his hands again. 😉 

Watch This: We Slept Outside In Antarctica

Up-And-Comers: 2025’s Best Travel Channels, Perhaps? 

We know it’s been a yearlong traveler’s lament for most of us, but things are looking up! With the arrival of vaccines and in our country, new leadership, we’re optimistic that this all will be behind us in due time. But even as things stand, there are many of us who have just STARTED our travel vlogging during this period. In our case, we started exploring places in our own “back yard” like Joshua Tree and the Sequoia National Forest! We’ve connected with many other new YouTubers, so check out our list of travel up-and-comers next. These channels are gonna blow up and will be on the best travel vloggers lists before we know it!

Hopefully all of this time spent socially distanced and in front of the ‘Tube has led you to some new destinations to explore in the future and we hope you’ve found a few channels here that you didn’t already know about. 

Safe travels!

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