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Unique Stay: WWII-era Train Car Airbnb In Maryville, Tennessee

What happens when you stumble upon a WWII-era train car Airbnb? You plan a road trip around spending a night at this unique stay! We knew we wanted to visit somewhere we hadn’t been in Tennessee, and when we found this super-unique stay in Maryville, we knew we had to check it out. From Asheville, North Carolina, Maryville was the perfect halfway point to Chattanooga – which we’d also never been to. And so, our Tennessee road trip was born!

Platform 1346

a railroad crossing sign and large wooden sign designating the entrance to Platform 1346, the location of a WWII-era train car that can be rented on airbnb
©Andie Mills

“Platform 1346” is a renovated WWII-era troop train kitchen car that has been featured in many well known magazines, TV shows, and websites. It sits on a section of actual railroad tracks – which were laid by the train car’s original owner/visionary himself! For the full and fascinating story of how this train car got here and became what it is today, as well as our tour of the inside, check out our vlog on Youtube

Upon our arrival, and after some uncertainty that we were in the right place, we made our way down a long gravel road until we reached the wonderful signage of Platform 1346. Possibly the best part was that our host (Dean) greeted us with his SIX dogs! And in case you didn’t know, we’re major dog people. And, Dean’s originally from SoCal, so needless to say, we felt right at home. 

About The Neighbors

a small, private airstrip in a field
©Andie Mills

We learned that the property is part of an “airstrip community” and we had just missed one of the neighbors taking off in their plane minutes before! This train car sits just past the end of the airstrip.  Apparently most of the neighbors whose houses are along the strip, also have hangars and planes of their own, and are free to take of and land as they please – just like driving your car in and out of your driveway. Surrounded by bamboo trees, and with a little swamp around back, this place is SICK!

the living room and kitchen inside a train car airbnb
©Andie Mills

This 1930s train car is gorgeous. It has an open-plan layout with all the modern amenities and furnishings you’d hope for. The plank wood flooring throughout helps keep true to the car’s authentic origins. 

The Amenities

On one end is the fully-appointed kitchen, which includes anything and everything you might need to cook meals with, plus a four-seat breakfast bar. Windows running along either side provide plenty of natural light and a sense of space. The living area is quite comfy, and totally Netflix-and-chill ready. And don’t forget to thumb through and sign the guestbook on the coffee table! 

As for sleeping, the (Murphy) bed is large and very, very comfy. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that due to the rural setting, you may or may not hear critters scurrying on the roof above you. This definitely had Andie a little freaked out, but we city-slickers adjusted quickly enough, and at least one of us slept through the night. On the other end of the car is the bathroom. Spacious and lovely, it has its own heater, wonderful tile flooring, and an amazing old clawfoot bathtub – complete with modern shower fixings as well!

the foot of a blue clawfoot bathtub on a vintage tile floor

Outside you’ll find a sizable deck, firepit, gazebo, BBQ, and if you’re lucky, a neighbor taking off or landing their plane. Oh yeah, and quite possibly a morning visit from the dogs!

Long On Comfort (see what we did there?)

the exterior of the WWII Train Car Airbnb we rented in Maryville, Tennessee
©Andie Mills

This train car Airbnb was such a memorable stay for us and we can’t recommend it enough (critters be damned!). We had a wonderful and relaxing night, got to hang with six rad dogs, and learned some really interesting history from their dad about this unique “house” out in Maryville, Tennessee. 

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