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hi! We’re Stephen and Andie, and like the rest of the world, we found ourselves in a holding pattern when you-know-what happened in Spring 2020. We were suddenly out of work – and we actually liked our jobs and wanted to be doing them! – and struggling to figure out what to do. Once we settled in and realized the lockdown would be a long-term situation, we turned on the creative juices and started a new project: creating travel content! We started with vlogging on YouTube. We had no experience, basic equipment, and we had to teach ourselves how to shoot, edit, and the most terrifying of all – be on camera. But we learned as we went and here we are, officially travel vloggers and content creators! We hope you’ll check out our channel (and SUBSCRIBE!), and visit this site and our social media regularly for updates and even more content from us. 

our most popular vlogs yet: Alaska Cruise


explore • connect • share

 “explore • connect • share” is the tagline on our travel vlogs because  it sums up the reasons we love travel so much. The explore piece is pretty self-explanatory. And now we have these platforms via YouTube and our blog to share with even more people and build a community of fellow travel lovers! And as it becomes safer, we hope to connect with more people in each location, to give you an insider’s perspective of the places we visit. This is the “connect” part of our philosophy, and the piece that we find the most fulfilling, so we can’t wait to share that with you.

explore • connect • share


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Have you ever been to the Gum Wall in #Seattle? 🤢⁠😝 We add our own and see a bunch of other cool stuff in this week’s vlog:
48 Hours In SEATTLE: Gum Wall, Bruce Lee’s Grave, and ALL THE FOOD! | Wh... via @YouTube 👀

How fitting that our 13th wedding anniversary 💍 falls on a #TravelTuesday – because there's nothing we love to do together more than travel!

Like when we celebrated our 10th on the Amalfi Coast! 🍷 🇮🇹

NEW VIDEO! I made this self guided walking tour of NIKKO Japan! Nikko is an ancient capital of Japan, with many mausoleums and temples scattered about the gorgeous cider forests! Give the video a watch!!

Stephen & Andie: content creators and originators of the “explore • connect • share” travel philosophy.