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10 Romantic Getaways and Experiences to Sweep Your Loved One Off Their Feet

In our opinion, sharing experiences together is better than giving physical gifts, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. And we can’t think of a better experence than travel. That said, here’s our list of the world’s most dreamy romantic getaways:

1.  Our Top Pick for Valentine’s Day 2023: The Galapagos Islands

Get up close and personal with wildlife… but not too close! There’s a mandatory six-foot rule. The animals rule these islands, and they’re literally everywhere you go. On land you’ll find yourself side-stepping sea lions and iguanas on the sidewalk. In the water, you can be swimming with anything from tropical fish, turtles, and even sea lions. And as we learned last year, it’s surprisingly more affordable to get there than you’d think (see here!).

2.  Stay In Bed And Watch The Northern Lights

Seeing Northern Lights in Finland is high on our bucket list. But gazing at Northern Lights from a bed in a glass igloo – it doesn’t get more romantic! In fact, we think this is one of the most romantic getaways and experiences anyone could dream up. And the fact that you’re not guaranteed to see them adds the element of anticipation, which in itself is super hot. 

3.  Sunset In The Most Romantic City In Slovenia

Piran is arguably the most romantic city in Slovenia. As a matter of fact, Andie thinks it’s the most romantic in all of Europe. And she’s lived on that continent! It’s about a 90-minute drive from Ljubljana, which is where you’ll want to base yourself. From there you can arrange a private guided tour of Piran. You’ll ride there (and back) in a luxury vehicle and have a guided sightseeing tour on arrival. Enjoy two hours of “free time” for romance before you head back to Ljubljana. Which, by the way, is a romantic getaway in its own right. 

4.  An Unforgettable Stay With Giraffes 

This Giraffe Manor in Nairobi is owned by The Safari Collection and claims to have “ the most unforgettable bucket list breakfast in the world .” The likelihood of giraffes coming out of their forest sanctuary to visit you up close and personal? Well, don’t be surprised if you discover one poking its head through the manor’s windows looking for a treat! That sounds pretty unforgettable to us. There are many other different experiences to choose from, too – like pink flamingos, elephants, helicopter safaris, and more. You can book yourself a night, or an entire curated safari package.

5. Escape To A Five-Star Luxury Eco-Resort In Fiji

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is located on seventeen lush acres of a former coconut plantation and is considered the South Pacific’s premiere (romantic ?) getaway destination. This is an all-inclusive resort designed for your ultimate relaxation. Fiji Beach Spa and Fiji Yoga will rejuvenate your spirit with the tranquil sounds of Savusavu Bay just steps away. 

6.  Dining In The Dark At NOX, Singapore 

Blindfolded dining has been a thing for several years now. It’s mysterious and sexy. Turning off your sense of sight, and turning on all of your other senses makes for a tantalizing fine dining and unique experience

7.  Lover’s Leap Tandem Bungee Jumping  

Romance doesn’t have to be all about resorts and relaxation, does it? It’s all about bonding with your partner. And for the adventurer, the adrenaline rush of tandem bungee jumping is a full-on bonding experience! With eight locations across the U.K., this particular jump experience is capped off with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your survival afterwards. It’s offered by Virgin Experience Days, and they have a bunch of other activity options, too! Zip lining, anyone?

8.  Simply Romantic At Niagara-On-The-Lake 

With the region being famous for its wine making, you can enjoy a tour of wine country, and stay in one of the many romantic B&Bs in historic Niagara-On-The-Lake. It has TONS of old world charm! And Niagara Falls is just thirty minutes away. There, you can take a helicopter ride over the falls, watch the illuminations, and have a romantic meal in Sylon Tower.  

9.  Fall In Love With Kyoto, Japan 

Stating how absolutely beautiful Kyoto is would be an understatement. The oldest city in Japan and its former capital, Kyoto has an unspeakable poise about it. It also has the highest number of temples and shrines per capita, with Yasaka Shrine being one of the most popular, peaceful, and pretty. You can enjoy a boat ride on the Fushimi canal and visit a sake brewery. Wander the traditional Ishibi Koji street and relax over dinner by the Kamo River. Even better, let yourself let lost – Kyoto has an aura that simply exudes romance.

10.  Belize – ‘Nuff Said

Belize is dreamy. From its beach sunsets on remote cayes to luxurious jungle resorts, it’s no wonder Belize tops so many romantic getaway lists. There are seven regions to explore, all with “barefoot perfect” old world charm. The cuisine is to die for and the weather is gorgeous. Sounds pretty perfect to us. 

What Romantic Getaways And Experiences Are On Your List?

Even if you can’t escape for a romantic getaway or experience right now, our intent is to inspire. So whether you end up at a heart-stopping unique stay this year or not, we hope that above all else, being with your lover makes it as romantic as any of these destinations. And if you do make it to one of these spots, let us know all about your experience in the comments!

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